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Over the years, customers and pre-publication reviewers have evaluated market reports from A common theme is the amount of data we collect and how hard we work to provide comprehensive market analysis – at a reasonable cost. See for yourself from the report reviews below.

Medical Spa Custom Research Project (2014):

“This is a very nice project report — well worth the cost. I’m impressed.”
– President of a Market Report Publishing Company.

Fitness Monitor Market Review (2012):

Fitness Monitor Market Review provides great information on wireless and mobile health. This is an important new segment to include. I appreciated the information about trends in new patent filings, recent clinical trials, and scientific data that support use of fitness monitoring devices. I also liked the company summaries in Chapter 7 and the valuable market summary tables in Appendix II.  Overall, the report is quite useful.”
— President and CEO of a Clinical Data Management Solutions Company

U.S. Recycled Water Markets (2012):

U.S. Recycled Water Markets:  Projects & Prospects, a new market research report from, offers those interested in the water business a useful tool to gain an initial understanding of the industry, or to look at it in a different way.  The study examines different aspects of the water field, including desalination, water reuse/reclaim, and industrial water applications, namely power generation, and semiconductor manufacturing.  The study is well researched and contains 134 citations, examples of municipal projects, and two appendices with additional background information.”

Perhaps most useful is a list of web sites used by the “authors as a part of their work.  Overall, this study offers the reader an overview to the water business—particularly as it relates to recycled water and related areas.”

Skin Care Market Review (2012):

“The Skin Care Market Review 2012 provides comprehensive and insightful information in a well-organized, easily perusable format.  This comprehensive report will greatly benefit anyone seeking a better understanding of sales, market segments and trends in the global skin care industry.”
— CEO of a U.S.-Based Skin Care Manufacturing Company

Nurse Triage Markets (2011):

“’s market research for the nurse triage market represents the most complete, concise, and useful body of background information available on the web. Anyone considering an entrepreneurial venture into the triage market would be well served with this body of knowledge. Highly recommended.”
– A Private Practice Pediatrician

Finess Monitor Markets: Heart Rate Monitors, Pedometers, & Related Devices  (2010):

“We have found your report to be very profound and useful for our needs. It was the only one we could find that covered the market with such depth and included many important business aspects.”
— VP Business Development, Middle East Technology Company

“I found the regional forecasts of your report to provide additional insight into very obscure markets. Stating your research methodology and extrapolations also provided helpful perspective to cross check against my own research.”
– Senior Business & Market Analyst, U.S. Technology Company

Retail Clinic Markets (2007):

“A great and wonderful resource…”
— Convenient Care Association

Medical Retail Markets (2007):

“You have gathered a huge amount of information…”
— Medical Spa Owner

“Overall, I’d say that your report is the BEST and most complete that I have seen in our industry.”
— Investment Analyst

“I perused your report this morning, and I can’t believe how much work went into it!”
—Industry Participant

Medical Spa Market Review (2006):

“After reading the ‘Medical Spa Market Review’ report, I found it very useful. I appreciate the honest and well referenced structure, which gives me the confidence to use the information!”
—Analyst (United Kingdom)

“My initial read is that it is quite useful… The only regret is probably a desire for more detail on the major competitors in the market… I thought the report was quite good and the best data out there on the industry…”
—Investment Analyst

“Everyone involved in the medical spa industry needs to read this report. Feed-back aggregates and analyzes in-depth surveys to create critical business intelligence. Medical spa operators will realize that the challenges they face individually are widespread. Corporations and vendors will be able to better target their sales efforts. No other research company has so thoroughly analyzed the landscape of the North American medical spa market.”
— Nancy Griffin, CEO of SpaTrade (

Blood Pressure & Fitness Monitor Markets (2003):

“Your study arrived right on time for my meeting… Good service. The quality of the study is also good, and at a refreshingly decent price.”

“Your report contains a TREMENDOUS amount of useful information — thank you!”

Telephone Triage (1997)

“This report is an excellent overview for improving one’s understanding of telephone triage…paves the way to ask the right questions involving markets, products, and technologies.”
— Managing Partner, The Vernick Group (Carmel, IN)

This report is a must for anyone seeking to educate themselves about the telephone triage industry… a unique (and perhaps the first) presentation of useful information about the market, products, services, and vendors.”
— President, TeleTriage Systems (San Anselmo, CA)

U.S. Home Care Monitoring & Telemedicine Markets (1997)

“This report is a highly readable report on a dynamic market. It’s provided an excellent foundation for developing our corporate plans and strategies.”
— Vice President, Caring Technologies (Bethesda, MD)

New Developments In Telemedicine (1997)

“This report is useful for anyone who is contemplating telemedicine as a new means of delivering health care services….a valuable introductory source for the telemedicine field.”
— Assistant Professor, Georgetown University Medical Center (Washington, DC)

The U.S. Telemedicine Market (1996)

“This report provides hard-to-find market figures and who’s who in the telemedicine industry.”
— Librarian, Telemedicine Research Center (Portland OR)

“Even as someone who’s been involved with telemedicine applications for years, this report provided insights I hadn’t been fully aware of.”
— Health Care Segment Director, GTE Telephone Operations (San Antonio, TX)