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We Help Businesses Grow

Company Background: provides market analysis and writing services that help business grow. Write to us for a free consultation.

Thousands of customers have bought’s reports and taken advantage of our free after-sale support, too. Finding reliable market information is harder than ever because much publicly available material is limited in content and scope. Ultimately, quality depends upon good source material and the skills to interpret it.

Market assessments often blend factual and subjective perspectives, so knowing the basis for the numbers is very important.

  • Can your company find success in a new market?
  • Is there room in an existing market for your products or services?
  • Are current market forecasts appropriate or too optimistic?
  • Etc.

You may find some of what you need online, but targeted market analysis is more likely to be covered in a commercial market report.

Affordable Services

Why are’s prices lower than you might expect?

  • Concise flexible formats emphasize targeted coverage over standardized presentations.
  • Cost and efficiency savings are passed along to customers.
  • Reports on markets we’ve already covered are updated rather than written from scratch.

After-Sale Support

Any customer who has questions about completed projects is encouraged to ask them. There’s no charge, and, as we obtain new insights about a market over time, we provide them for free.

Company Background

We chose “feedback” as part of our business name in 1984 — a decade before it became widely used throughout the web. Back then, feedback was a geeky word that referred to loops and relationships. We used it to emphasize partnering with clients and customers because that’s what we do. Even though it’s everywhere these days,”feedback” is an important part of our company background.

The Company has operated under the variations of the Feed-back name ever since (e.g., Feedback Research Services). In the early days, Feed-back provided computer consulting and document production. The focus migrated to contract work, producing health / medical / tech market research reports for leading publishers. In the 1990s, we generated 40+ health care and medical market research reports for other publishers, including Frost & Sullivan and Kalorama Information.

Since 1996, has been an online marketplace for several “first-and-only” commercial reports on emergent health tech markets. Coverage is varied: Consumer-driven markets, health care technologies, medical devices, telehealth / telemedicine, etc.  Inquiries and published reports drive’s custom research services.

Business Philosophy

Three words describe’s business objectives and philosophy: Analytical, pragmatic, and solutions-oriented.

  • Being analytical is an obvious requirement. Determining the “what” and “why” of markets is critical to ongoing business success. Sustaining or growing a company often results from combining intuitive and research-based insights.
  • The pragmatic component keeps us humble. Sometimes, free pre-project assessments lead us to conclude that we’re not the right company for the job. We pass along what we find or know. We also suggest referrals if we have some to share.
  • Finding answers and solutions is challenging and rewarding. Partnering with clients to refine and answer questions is the most gratifying work we do.


Market analysis, consulting, and publishing are highly competitive fields. Primary research is labor-intensive and expensive. That’s why most market reports cost thousands of dollars per title. Customers often assume that higher-priced reports from multinational publishers are significantly better. That may be true for booming industries, but less so for the small, new, hard-to-analyze markets that often targets. generates “best available” online and custom project content by conducting research, analyzing findings, and combining the results with intuitive assessments, observations, etc. We often compare and contrast data using two or more methodologies so customers and clients have choices.