About The Feed-back.com Team

About the Feed-back.com Team: Learn who we are and how we serve customers with affordable fast effective consulting and useful market research.

Whether you’re an individual or an executive with a multinational corporation, when you need strategic market analysis, the Feed-back.com team provides it. Custom research consulting projects focuses on a specific need or problem. Careful examination of market factors, forces, and numbers deliver context and perspective. It’s a magical adventure to expand known or provided information and discover new insights. Project findings are often unexpected, unique, and very beneficial.

Jan, Dana, Gen, Ritu, Mandy, Doug, and “Two Ricks”

Jan: Market AnalystJan - Market Analyst

A move from California to Oregon indulged Jan’s entrepreneurial tendencies, nature girl personality, and writing skills. Migrating from a biotech lab to freelance market report contracting had one common element:  Gathering / analyzing data.

In biotech / bioengineering, the goal is often to create  (cloning a protein) or investigate (complex molecular folding). At Feed-back.com, we do both: Conducting research and evaluating a market (“investigating” ) and pulling everything together in a published report (“creating”).

Dana: Webmaster / Editor / ResearcherDana – Webmaster / Editor / Researcher

With her programming background, Dana pays attention to the details. It makes her a great editor and webmaster. She has the dogged persistence to chase down nagging little glitches when they arise. Those qualities also served Dana well in banking and real estate. In her free time, Dana participates in homeopathy blogs and groups, conducting extensive research into the roles of chemistry, dietary, genetic , gut, and other pathways in human health.

Gen – Editor / ResearcherGen – Editor / Researcher

Classic grammar rules Gen’s world.  Whether she’s reading for pleasure or work, very few mistakes escape her critical eye, and she doesn’t hesitate to inform authors about them. Gen trained as a registered nurse and uses that knowledge as a part-time caregiver. With her background, it’s not surprising that her favorite Feed-back.com market is telemedicine. Several of Gen’s best phone interviews were conducted with administrators, executive directors, and physicians in rural hospitals and non-profit telehealth organizations.

Ritu – Interviewer / ResearcherRitu – Interviewer / Researcher

Based in Portland, Ritu is a fearless persistent researcher who delivers the goods. Her genial respectful interviewing style is surprisingly effective. Ritu obtains the basic data and then follows up with her own questions to gather additional “insider” insights.

Mandy – Graphic Designer / VideographerMandy – Graphic Designer / Videographer

Mandy’s portfolio includes hundreds of paintings – commissioned works and her own. Gaining years of experience in the family print shop, Mandy continues to produce artwork and giclée prints for clients locally and nationally.  For Feed-back.com, Mandy designs marketing materials and produces graphic presentations. [“Giclée” is a digital technology for producing multiple high quality prints from two-dimensional  original artwork.]

Doug – Database / Tech SupportDoug – Database / Tech Support

Based in Kansas City, Doug works remotely to provide on demand technical support for Feed-back.com. In 2008, Doug developed detailed EXCEL relational data entry / processing templates for our Rogue Valley Transit District bus survey project.

The “Two Ricks”

Rick 2 - Tech support

Rick 2

Rick 1 - Support

Rick 1

“Rick 1” is our go-to resource for on-site hardware, software, and system tweaking.

“Rick 2” supplies remote tech support for maintenance and upgrades.


Business professionals and subcontractors assist the team with a range of services: Data entry, interviewing, promotional campaigns, surveys, etc.