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Market Analysis: Looking for useful information about dynamic health and med tech markets? You’ll find some engaging articles right here. / Feedback Research Services fills a unique niche in the research industry, offering affordable services that focus on difficult-to-analyze markets. Projects are researched by specialists who built their expertise over years (or even decades) of market analysis. analyzes the “what” and “why” of growth, revenues, etc. Several reports were the first / only market assessments available worldwide.

If you’re looking for market estimates and forecasts for small dynamic markets, is a place to start. Here’s a sampling of articles and markets we’ve covered recently.

Wearable Tech – Your Gratified Self

Projected global wearables chart

Wearable Tech – Your Gratified Self: What gear do you want to wear?Why do you want it? Read about reasons and trends here and now.  Read more….

U.S. Rural Hospitals:

Oregon's projected demand for primary care providers graphOngoing closures threaten access to health care for millions of Americans. Nearly 20% of Americans live in rural areas, and many no longer have local access to acute care services. Read more….

Custom Projects:

In February 2015,’s researchers updated our US Medical Spa database for an individual client. Listing information was reviewed and revised for facilities, operators / owners, products, services, and staffing.

In December 2014,’s researchers generated a second regional medical spa market assessment for a consulting company. The competitive analysis compared and contrasted research-based facility numbers and bottom-up revenue potential with figures extrapolated from national market estimates and forecasts.

Infographics Or Meaningful Market Analysis:

Income Growth graphWhat do you need to find meaningful market analysis? Often, infographics from sources such as are terrific – easy to find and interpret and quotable, too, but obtaining meaningful data is trickier. When a quick overview isn’t enough, companies like can tell you much more!

Let’s look at a specific example. The following graph has been reproduced from a published presentation posted at Read more….

The U.S. Aesthetic / Cosmetic Procedure Market:

Lady being injected with botox graphic imageWhat’s one of the big gifts that graduates want these days? A growing number ask for plastic surgery and undergo procedures before or after completing high school, college, or law / med school degrees. In a recent article (May19, 2014), Dr. Alexander Vitenas of Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery observed that:

“Surgery as a graduation gift is definitely a pronounced theme that we see every year.” Read more….

The Global Prescription Acne Drug Market

Woman profile with mirrorHere are some potentially surprising facts about acne. It’s the most common skin disease. While most people experience breakouts at some point in their lives, a small percentage of individuals continue to have problems into their thirties or forties. New research findings may eventually lead to alternate treatments. For example, a small preliminary clinical trial suggests that acne severity may be reduced by eating a low glycemic index diet.  More extensive studies are needed to determine its future role as an acne deterrent. Read more….

The U.S. Medical Spa & Cosmetic Medicine Market

Woman getting botox treatment graphicDefining the term “medical spa” is the trickiest part of evaluating what’s going on in the U.S. skin care market. According to industry sources, “medical spa” typically refers to a business that offers aesthetic enhancement services such as chemical, injectable, and light-based treatments. Facilities usually emphasize a spa-like setting.  Regulations vary significantly from state to state, and consumers are warned by professional organizations to carefully evaluate various factors such as who is performing the procedure, whether there is oversight by a medical director, etc. Read more….

The Skin You’re In: Limitless Product Selections for Every “Need”

Woman with marking for cosmetic procedureMarket report publishers cite baby boomers as the primary drivers for sales of anti-aging products and services. To increase product appeal, manufacturers are researching and developing new ingredients to substantiate effectiveness claims. The anti-aging category is also targeting more than just wrinkles with products that are customized, hybrid / multi-functional, premium, etc. Read more….

Digital Diagnostics: Characteristics, Devices, Venues, Etc.

Technology image graphicWhat’s happening lately with digital diagnostic devices, equipment, and records? New uses are being explored by health care providers in the “Digital Medicine” departments at Scripps and presenters at the 2013 mHealth Summit. One unexpected application is use of digital counters and information delivery systems in emergency departments to reduce tension for patients awaiting treatment. Another is development of a diagnostic pill for detecting cancer (Mount Sinai Medical Center). Read more….

Diabetic Monitoring: Dogs Versus Sensors

Dogs with stethoscope and phoneA show on National Geographic Channel aired recently: “The Science of Dogs”. One of the segments focused on how dogs can be trained to warn their owners prior to a pending medical episode such as low blood sugar. Several organizations train medical alert dogs. In the United Kingdom, there’s a charity-NHS-research partnership group, Bark Britain. In the United States, Can Do Canines has trained 28 dogs from 2003 – 2013. Demand is strong: 21 individuals are on the waiting list. Two other groups are Pawsitive Perspectives Assistance Dogs and Scent Angles. Read more….