handsYou can visit our pages, contact us, and/or use our forms with confidence that your information will not be distributed or sold.

The reason we need contact information is to provide something you want from us. Your data is viewed by a select group of staff at Feedback Research. We protect your information as if it were ours. We’re selective in the number of times we make contact and the types of information we distribute to customers, clients, and followers.

Once we’ve responded to you, we keep your information in a database for future access on an occasional basis. We attempt to update our files by contacting you again, usually within months or a year of your original purchase or request. If your information is still good, we keep it. If you ask to be removed, we delete your record. Anyone who remains in our database is there voluntarily by consent or default.

Over the years, we’ve found that most of the people who’ve contacted us in the past want to stay in touch … Why is that? Mostly, it’s because we cover markets that our customers follow. Also, we usually provide something useful with information about our products and services. For customers with whom we have ongoing relationships, we pass along anything that’s particularly interesting for their line of work.

Ultimately, you’re most likely here because you need or want information. We like to provide generic / useful news that’s easy to access on this site. We also sell proprietary assessments in the form of commercial market reports and custom research projects. Still have questions? Contact Us.