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Business people in conference graphicCustom Research Services from deliver affordable market assessments.  Use our Contact Us Form to get started.

Is there a market you need to evaluate? Not finding what you need from online sources? Planning and strategizing requires solid information about the market. Maybe you’re acquiring a company, determining how to boost marketing for an existing product line, making a substantial business investment, or negotiating  a venture capital deal.

Need the information really soon? Methodologies we’ve refined over the years make us fast, flexible, and successful. Clients typically ask us for help with difficult-to-analyze, emergent, new, and undiscovered markets.

Sometimes, there are unexpected benefits. Combining our resources with yours can create new products or services. That happened for Marketdata Enterprises in February 2014.

There’s no time limit on our support. Customers often contact us for follow-up years after purchasing’s services. Discussing a market with us may get the ball rolling, lead to in-house action, or provide perspectives that change a client’s original intent. It’s happened before (e.g., Sony).

Consulting’s custom research services help company representatives and individuals answer specific business and market questions. Projects are priced according to the amounts and types of work required. We analyze competitors, products, sales, segments, targets, etc.

Think your market is too obscure?’s projects have targeted a wide range of markets: Centenarian services, community-based public transportation, retail viability of a door /window sill product, and the competitive regional landscapes for laser spine surgery services.

Business Development

Is there competitive information you need to know before introducing a new product or service in the U.S.? You may just need answers to a few specific questions that can quickly provide for a couple of hundred dollars. Projects requiring more comprehensive coverage of U.S. markets can be started and completed in a month, often at a cost under $1,000.

The process is simple.  Just call or write to discuss what you need. We provide up to an hour of free consultation and/or preliminary research to see if our expertise matches your needs.

If our discussions lead to a project, we provide a proposal that outlines what we can do for you. Preliminary analysis, weekly reports, and after-sale support are all free.